Not all inspectors are created equal

When you buy a house, you want to feel secure and confident you're buying your dream home.

You want to know you'll love it for years.

The last thing you want, is to worry whether or not you'll find major problems costing thousands of dollars...

I'm Bill Schaefer.  I've been a firefighter for over 20 years, and a home inspector for over 12 years.

You can relax, because I know homes.

I grew up in Colorado, so I know the most common issues with Colorado homes, and I'm an expert at discovering issues with the house.

Have Confidence When You Buy Your Home

key questions when hiring your inspector...

  • Are they a Certified Master Inspector?
  • Do they have at least three years experience?
  • Do they belong to a Home Inspection association?
  • Do they get continuing education to improve their skills?
  •  Do they give you a detailed report and provide a walk through after the inspection?
  • And do they have Errors & Omission insurance?

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Here are Just a Few Reasons To Go with Chief Home Inspection

Complete Buying Confidence

When you buy a home, you want to make sure it's exacltly what you want.  Getting a home inspection helps ensure you know what you're getting with no surprises.

Common Defect Identification

Common defects can be costly and should be identified.  Examples include Roofing, Ceiling Stains, Electrical Hazards, Rotted Wood, Plumbing Defects, & HVAC issues.

Hazardous Materials Detection

Many houses contain harmful materials such as Radon, Lead, Mold, and Asbestos.  These materials are often undetected and can cause serious health issues.  

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